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Cheese with Fenugreek Seeds

Craxi Gouda cheese with fenugreek seeds.

Artisan Gouda cheese with fenugreek seeds.

Herb cheese lovers are constantly looking for new flavor combinations and textures to tantalize their taste buds. One of the most intriguing and delicious discoveries in the cheese world is the combination of cheese with fenugreek seeds.

Fenugreek seeds, which come from the Trigonella foenum-graecum plant, have their roots in South Asia and have been valued for centuries for their culinary and medicinal properties. These small, amber-colored seeds have a slightly bitter, nutty flavor and add a subtle spiciness to dishes. Their complex aroma and flavor make them perfect for pairing with cheese.

The Perfect Marriage: Gouda Cheese made with raw cow’s milk and Fenugreek Seeds:

When fenugreek seeds are added to cheese, a delicious symbiosis of flavors and textures is created. The nutty notes of the seeds subtly blend with the creaminess of the raw milk Gouda cheese, creating a harmonious whole.

The price (VAT included) for our Craxi artisan Gouda with fenugreek seeds.

Gouda Cheese with HerbsCheese Wheel WeightPrice Per Cheese Wheel
Craxi Gouda with fenugreek seeds± 0. 500 g€ 9.60

Size Craxi Gouda cheese wheel.

Artisanal Gouda Fenugreek cheese - Craxi Gouda cheese with Fenugreek Seeds
Gouda Cheese Wheel SizeHeight Gouda Cheese WheelDiameter Gouda Cheese Wheel
Craxi Gouda with fenugreek seeds±7.0 cm±10.3 cm

Artisan Craxi Gouda cheese with aromatic fine herbs & spices.

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Are you unable to visit our cheese shop in Malaga? Then you can order this artisanal Gouda cheese with fenugreek seeds easily and safely online via our cheese webshop.

Craxi Gouda farmer’s cheese is a Guaranteed Traditional Specialty. Our Craxi farmer’s Gouda cheese with aromatic fine herbs & spices are still made traditionally with raw cow’s milk on the cheese farm in the Netherlands.

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