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Craxi Cheese shop with Dutch artisan Gouda cheeses.

Our Craxi cheese shop locations in Málaga city.

You can order our Gouda farmer’s cheese via the webshop, but if you are in Málaga you are of course very welcome to visit one of our cheese shops to taste our artisan Gouda cheese.

Gouda Cheese made from raw cow’s milk has a deeper, more complex flavor than Industrially produced Gouda with pasteurized milk. Our authentic Gouda farmer’s cheese is a true delight for cheese lovers who are looking for a tasty cheese experience. In our Craxi shops you will find Gouda cheese (natural) with a ripening period of 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24 and 36 months old and an extensive range of Gouda herbal cheeses.

Craxi Gouda farmer’s cheese is a Guaranteed Traditional Specialty. We still traditionally make our Craxi farmer’s Gouda cheese natural and our Gouda cheese with herbs with raw cow’s milk on the cheese farm in the Netherlands.

Stores in in Malaga, Spain with the traditional Dutch Gouda farmer's cheeses. Artisan Gouda cheeses in the Merced market and Huelin market

Where can you find us in Málaga?

Craxi cheese shop in the Mercado de la Merced, Stall 14.

You can find the Mercado de la Merced at the popular Plaza de la Merced, in the heart of Málaga. Location; C/ la Merced, 4, Distrito Centro, 29012 Málaga, España. In the market you will find a butcher, vegetables and fruit. artisan cheese, bakery and a maskom supermercado.

Mercado de la Merced location.

Craxi cheese shop in the Mercado de Huelin, Stall 7-8.

You can find the Mercado de Huelin in the Huelin district of Malaga. Location; C/ la Hoz, 37, Carretera de Cádiz, 29002 Málaga, España. The Huelin market is a mecca for foodies, fresh fish, special types of meat, lots of herbs, vegetables and fruit, bread and spanish pastries and cheese.

There are also all kinds of products to discover at this market. It is wonderful to stroll through it, this typical Spanish market is a must-visit for food lovers, full of busy trade stalls that offer their customers a wide range of fresh and seasonal products.

When you visit the Huelin district, know that next to the Huelin Park, there are several streets where some of Málaga’s best tapas bars are located. Also take a look at the bar Mercado de Huelin, this is a popular establishment known for offering the cheapest menu in all of Spain.

Mercado de Huelin location.

Craxi Cheese shop opening hours.

The opening hours of our shop in the Mercado de la Merced and in the Mercado de Huelin in Málaga City.

Webshop cheese orders.

We freshly cut and vacuum seal your cheese order from the webshop on the day of shipment. We use DHL as carrier for our cheese shipments within mainland Spain.

Our shipping days for online cheese orders with the destination the Spanish mainland.

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday

Do you have a question, please feel free to contact us via our contact form on the website or use the Whatsapp button.

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Craxi cheese shop in the Merced Market in Malaga.

Craxi cheese shop in the Huelin Market in Malaga.

Gouda artisan cheese - When it comes to taste, Gouda farmer's cheese stands head and shoulders above its factory-made counterparts

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I don’t live in Spain, but I want to order Craxi Gouda cheese. Is that possible?

Certainly! If you reside outside Spain, feel free to email us your desired order and specify the country to which it should be shipped. Please note that cheese orders beyond Spain cannot be processed through the webshop.