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Aromatic Cheese with fresh Herbs and Spices

The fascinating world of artisanal aromatic Gouda cheese. Raw milk cow cheese to enjoy with unique flavors and irresistible aromas.

From seasoned cheeses to herbaceous and spicy options. Discover our seasoned aromatic Gouda cheese types and be surprised with every bite!

Aromatic Farmer’s Gouda Cheese: Aromatic Flavors and Artisan Delights.

Aromatic Gouda farmer’s cheese offers a world of flavors, textures, and aromas, transporting us to distant places through our taste buds. Farmer’s cheese with herbs and spices is more than just food; it’s a gastronomic treasure, exploding with authentic and unique flavors.

Imagine a cheese flavored with a perfect blend of fresh herbs, which awakens your senses with every bite. These seasoned cheeses are much more than just a dairy product; is a culinary masterpiece that has been carefully crafted to delight even the most discerning palate.

Artisan cheese craftsmen, who have perfected the art of combining natural ingredients, created these seasoned cheeses through years of experience and dedication. Herbaceous cheese, as many call it, is a unique experience in itself. The aroma of the selected herbs infuses each bite, intertwining with the creaminess of raw cow’s milk cheese it creates a symphony of flavors in your mouth.

Artisan Gouda cheese is much more than just a food product; It is a culinary experience that elevates any occasion to a whole new level. Whether enjoyed alone, as part of a cheese board, or as a star ingredient in your favorite dishes, artisanal herbed cheese never ceases to surprise and delight the most discerning diners.

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Cheese platter with artisan Craxi Gouda with green pesto herbs and Spanish Manchego

Craxi aromatic artisan Gouda cheese.

From black truffle cheese to fine herb cheese, each variety has its own charm and distinctive character. If you are a lover of bold and authentic flavors, you cannot miss trying artisanal Gouda cheese with natural herbs. This exquisite creation combines the richness of raw cow’s milk cheese with a careful selection of spices, which add a touch of intensity and complexity to each bite.

Craxi herbed Gouda farmer’s cheese.

Gouda farmer’s cheese has been recognized by the European Union as a Guaranteed Traditional Specialty of the Netherlands.

Stores in in Malaga, Spain with the traditional Dutch Gouda farmer's cheeses. Artisan Gouda cheeses in the Merced market and Huelin market

The origin of our aromatic raw milk Gouda cheese with herbs and spices.

Country of originThe Netherlands
Milk treatmentRaw milk
Type of rennetNatural
Weight per cheese wheel±500 grams
Type of Gouda cheeseSemi-hard artisanal Gouda cheese

Our types of aromatic cheeses with natural seasonings.

Below our collection of aromatic Gouda Cheese, price per cheese wheel.

Aromatic cheeseHerb/Spice BlendPrice
Cumin CheeseCumin seeds€9.60
Truffle CheeseBlack summer truffle€11.75
Italian CheeseTomato, onion, paprika, garlic, basil, thyme and pepper€9.60
Fenugreek CheeseFenugreek seeds (nutty flavor)€9.60
Spicy CheeseChili peppers€9.60
Garlic CheeseGarlic, onion, paprika, ginger and horseradish€9.60
Iberian CheeseIberian herbs and dried tomato pieces€9.60
Red Pesto CheeseChili peppers, oregano leaf, paprika, pepper, basil and garlic€9.60
Green Pesto CheesePepper, basil, garlic, oregano leaf and paprika€9.60

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The locations of the Craxi Gouda cheese stores in Malaga, Spain.

Where can you find us?

Can’t you come to our cheese shops in Malaga? Then you can also order Gouda cheese with herbs online in our webshop. The days on which we send our cheeses from Malaga to the Spanish Peninsula are Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Discover our seasoned artisan Gouda cheeses and be surprised with every bite! From seasoned cheeses to herbaceous and spicy options.

Farmstead Gouda cheese from the Netherlands is diverse and exciting. Each variety is unique and reflects the cheesemaking art. You can find natural cheeses with different maturation times, as well as flavored, seasoned, herbaceous or spicy cheeses. There are options for all tastes in this gastronomic universe. Next time you come across a cheese board, explore and experience everything this world has to offer. Enjoy!

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