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Dutch Gouda (raw milk) Cow Cheese in Spain

The authentic taste of Dutch Gouda cheese, a cheese with Gouda designation of origin, and a cheese whose production has a long tradition dating back centuries: Dutch Gouda farmstead cheese.

Do you prefer the taste of artisanal Dutch Gouda or industrially made Gouda?

Many consumers worldwide assume that all Gouda cheese exclusively originates from the Netherlands. However, Gouda cheese is crafted in numerous places globally. This misconception arises because the name “Gouda cheese” isn’t legally protected, allowing producers from different countries to create their versions. As a result, there are various interpretations of Dutch Gouda cheese worldwide.

Certainly, the reputation of Dutch cheese precedes itself, known for its exceptional quality and distinct flavor profiles. This reputation is not unfounded, as Dutch cheese makers adhere to stringent standards and traditional methods that have been perfected over centuries. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that not all cheese labeled as “Dutch” originates from the Netherlands.

In the global marketplace, there are indeed significant differences in the quality of cheeses labeled as Gouda cheese. While some may genuinely be crafted in the Netherlands using authentic techniques and local ingredients, others may be produced elsewhere with varying degrees of adherence to Dutch traditions.

This distinction is particularly important for consumers who value authenticity and seek out genuine Dutch cheese. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers outside the Netherlands to capitalize on the prestige associated with Dutch cheese by mimicking its packaging, labeling, and even flavor profiles. This can sometimes lead to confusion among consumers who may inadvertently purchase a product that falls short of their expectations in terms of quality and authenticity.

If you are a cheese lover, you cannot miss this culinary experience. Say goodbye to boring and predictable factory Gouda cheeses and discover the special taste of artisanal Dutch Gouda cheese made from fresh, unpasteurized cow’s milk.

Craxi artisanal Gouda.

Artisanal Dutch Gouda cheese is a very versatile semi-hard cheese, from young to old, but also our herb variations. From delicious on a cheese board to perfect as an addition as an ingredient in hot or cold dishes.

Stores in in Malaga, Spain with the traditional Dutch Gouda farmer's cheeses. Artisan Gouda cheeses in the Merced market and Huelin market

We make Dutch Gouda cheese using traditional techniques on a cheese farm in the Netherlands. The European Union has officially recognized this variety of Gouda as a Guaranteed Traditional Specialty of the Netherlands.

Where in Spain can I buy artisan Dutch Gouda cheese?

Gouda cheese is one of the most famous and widely consumed cheeses in the world, with its origins in the Netherlands. Here is a summary of its history.

Origin of Gouda cheese.

Gouda cheese can be traced back to the 12th century in the Netherlands. Gouda is a city located in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands. The city’s name became synonymous with this delectable cheese, because Cheese farmers from far and wide came to this city to offer their cheese at the market. Gouda was an important trade center at the time and as the demand for this cheese increased, the city developed as an important cheese trading center and cheese became an essential part of the economy.

Gouda cheese development and popularity.

Over the centuries, cheesemakers developed and refined Gouda cheese, making it a very popular product both in the Netherlands and abroad. During the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century, the Gouda cheese trade prospered, and the city of Gouda became a major cheese trade center. Gouda cheese’s reputation as a high-quality product spread throughout Europe and beyond.

Cheese traders shipped Gouda cheese worldwide as international trade expanded. This established Gouda as one of the most recognized cheeses globally. Today, Gouda cheese is produced in different parts of the world. However, the original Gouda, crafted from raw cow’s milk at the cheese farm in the Netherlands, remains highly esteemed. Cheese enthusiasts particularly cherish its full, rich flavor.

Artisan Gouda cheese characteristics.

Milk Type.

Traditionally, Gouda cheese is made with raw cow’s milk, but there are also versions made from goat’s or sheep’s milk. According to regulations, the milk for traditional Gouda cheese cannot be heated above 40°C. By not allowing the milk to rise above this temperature, it preserves all its characteristic bacteria and enzymes. The milk used has to come from the cows living on the cheese farm grazing in the green fields, which gives it a characteristic flavor.

Texture and Flavor.

Craxi Gouda cheese is recognised for its diverse flavour profile. Gouda cheese can exhibit a wide range of flavour qualities, from mild and creamy to more pronounced and spicy, depending on its age. Gouda cheese undergoes a remarkable transformation as it ages, transitioning from a soft, creamy texture to a firmer consistency. Initially mild and sweet, its flavor evolves into a pronounced, spicy profile with age.

Cheese Rind.

A distinctive feature of Gouda cheese is its waxy rind. This wax layer protects the cheese during the ripening process and gives it a distinctive appearance. After the cheese comes out of the brine bath, it must first dry and then it goes to the ripening room on the farm. Here the cheese is placed on wooden planks and the coating process begins. This is done to give the cheese a protective layer and to prevent it from drying out. The cheese is turned regularly to coat both sides. Regular turning of the cheese is also necessary for an even ripening process of the cheese. Gouda cheese therefore has a double rind layer: the outer wax layer and the natural rind underneath. It is imperative to remove the wax rind before consumption, while the natural rind is completely edible.

Cheese maturation.

Maturation time can vary from a few weeks to several years, resulting in different flavor profiles. The process of ripening is also called affinage and during this process the cheese remains on the farm in a special ripening room. Refining is a profession in itself, you could even say a craft in which temperature and humidity play a major role in the flavor development of the cheese. Every day the cheesemonger is busy on the farm with maintenance, turning and ripening of the cheeses. He then selects which cheeses can go to Spain and which ones need to mature further for a while.

Cheese varieties.

Craxi artisan Gouda cheese is available in different flavors. In addition to the traditional types such as young Gouda and aged Gouda matured for up to 3 years, there is also Craxi Gouda infused with herbs or spices with a range of flavors.

Authentic Farmstead Cheese: Rich Heritage, Unmatched Flavor

Indulge in the timeless taste of Dutch artisan Gouda cheese, crafted with centuries of tradition and expertise. Our premium selection of Gouda cheese promises a symphony of flavors, from creamy to nutty, with a delightful hint of sweetness. Savor the essence of Holland’s finest dairy craftsmanship, meticulously aged to perfection. Explore our range of Gouda cheese varieties, each boasting distinctive characteristics and unparalleled quality. Whether you prefer young and mild or aged and robust, our Dutch Gouda collection caters to every palate. Elevate your culinary experience with this renowned delicacy, a true testament to the Dutch artistry of cheese-making.

The varieties of our natural artisan Dutch Gouda and Gouda with herbs.

The price list lists our prices for natural Gouda cheese per kilo.

If you would like to order a whole, half or quarter cheese wheel, please contact us.

The following natural Craxi Gouda Cheese is available for sale in Spain, with the indicated maturation period.

Craxi Gouda naturalCuring Periods Gouda cheeseWeightPrice
Craxi artisan Gouda cheeseCured for 2 months1 kilo€ 17.90
Craxi artisan Gouda cheeseCured for 4 months1 kilo€ 19.20
Craxi artisan Gouda cheeseCured for 6 months1 kilo€ 20.40
Craxi artisan Gouda cheeseCured for 8 months1 kilo€ 21.60
Craxi artisan Gouda cheeseCured for 1 year1 kilo€ 23.40
Craxi artisan Gouda cheeseCured for 2 years1 kilo€ 28.40
Craxi artisan Gouda cheeseCured for 3 years1 kilo€ 29.60

The varieties of our artisanal Dutch Gouda with natural herbs.

Below you will find our collection of flavored Gouda Cheese, price per cheese wheel.

The following Dutch Gouda Cheese with Herbs & spices are for sale in Spain.

Craxi Gouda with herbsWeight per cheese wheelPrice per cheese wheel
Gouda spicy cheese with chilli peppers± 500 g€ 9.60
Gouda truffle cheese with black summer truffle± 500 g€ 11.75
Gouda cumin cheese with cumin seeds± 500 g€ 9.60
Gouda italian cheese with dried tomato pieces, onion, paprika, garlic, basil, thyme, and pepper± 500 g€ 9.60
Gouda garlic cheese with garlic, onion, paprika, ginger, and horseradish± 500 g€ 9.60
Gouda fenugreek cheese with fenugreek seeds± 500 g€ 9.60
Gouda iberian cheese with basil, thyme, black pepper, onion, paprika, garlic, and dried tomato± 500 g€ 9.60
Gouda green pesto cheese with basil, pepper, garlic, oregano leaf, and paprika± 500 g€ 9.60
Gouda red pesto cheese with chilli peppers, basil, garlic, oregano leaf, pepper, and paprika± 500 g€ 9.60

Unsalted Dutch Gouda Cheese for a Low Sodium Diet.

Salt-free diet foods, kilo wheel of unsalted artisan raw milk cow cheese

For people who need to limit their salt intake for health reasons, finding a delicious, low-sodium cheese can be a challenge.

Our Artisan Unsalted Gouda is for those who need to limit their salt intake but love tasty cheese.

We carefully craft our unsalted Gouda cheese, concentrating on minimizing salt content while preserving the beloved flavor and texture that cheese enthusiasts crave. The traditional cheese-making process typically involves salting, which imparts its distinctive flavor. However, for those adhering to a strict salt-free diet, we significantly reduce the salt content. We’ve gone a step further with our salt-free Gouda cheese, denying them “swimming lessons” in the brine bath so that the cheese can’t absorb the salt.

Our artisanal (‘regular’) Gouda cheeses already have a significantly lower salt content than industrially made Gouda cheeses.

Where in Malaga can I buy artisan Dutch Gouda?

Craxi cheese shop – Location Mercado de la Merced puesto 14 – Malaga.

Craxi cheese shop in the Mercado de la Merced in Málaga, Spain. Craxi Gouda farmer's cheese is a Guaranteed Dutch Traditional Specialty

Craxi cheese shop – Location Mercado de Huelin puesto 7-8 – Malaga.

Craxi Cheese shop in Huelin Market in Málaga city, Spain. Raw milk artisan Gouda cheese

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